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Psychologist / Certified Life Care Planner
Don't "Don't!"(R)


 The problem, not the behavior is the problem
Behavior is often one of brain injury's most perplexing challenges, but not all problems belong to the injured person.  Spouses, children, friends, caregivers, family and bosses, even therapists are equally susceptible! This book helps you understand behavior and how other events and circumstances can affect a person’s behavior as the actual injury. It covers the many different types of people, places, and resources that are involved. Everybody can work together more effectively when behavior is demystified.

 Stop Treating the Brain Injured
Don’t “Don’t!” (R) is not a “quick fix” that provides 10 magic formulas to change other people’s behavior whether they want to or not!  Effective behavior change involves collaboration and coordination by all involved parties. It focuses on helping people succeed instead of stopping people from doing “bad things!”
Problem behaviors usually occur when people don’t have better opportunities to achieve their goals. Find a better solution and the problem is usually resolved. Emphasing do’s over don’ts offers everybody tremendous benefits. For starters, it recognizes the dignity, rights and responsibilities of each person who is involved. It recognizes each participant as a full and valued person rather than a problem.
Some assembly desired
          Written for families, caregivers, staff, therapists, and individuals who may experience disability following brain injury with sufficient comprehension skills, Understanding Everybody’s Behavior After Brain Injury: Don’t “Don’t!” (R) is divided into six sections that:
  • Introduce the theme of the book
  • Identify pertinent contributing factors to behavior
  • Investigate dynamic relationships when working together
  • Create focused and pro-active support plans
  •  Provide guidance on diverse behavioral teaching and support strategies
  • Address topical and challenging issues.
The accompanying workbook helps readers apply each chapter’s information to their unique situation and create personalized plans of action. The material is equally useful in advocacy training, staff development and therapeutic sessions. 

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